Altair FluxMotor Download – Latest Version 2020

Altair FluxMotor Download – The Latest Version 2020:

Altair FluxMotor is the most advanced powerful tool that is used to design motor. It gove the recommendation to the user to make the design of the pre-development of the motor invention. This program gives you all the information during the development process of the motor. It also gives information on winding and also creating the part of the motor.

It is very easy to use software that may only for electrical purposes. An electrical engineer may use this software. You may also generate a report of your working for the development process. This program can also use for any purpose of the motor.

How Altair FluxMotor work?

According to modern technology, many of the companies want to save their time for generating reports of their work. Some companies want to save their time for the development of the motor recommendation. You will start working on this software. You will have to give all input in the required area it will make effective design for your motor. You can also update any previous project if you want.

It allows the user to create a unique design for the motor. A unique design is always a brand.


  • This program is very easy to use.
  • Design according to modern technology.
  • Lastest model of the motor.
  • Project management system.
  • It will give you a 3D design for the motor.
  • All thermal and hybrid support during start working on the project.
  • Effective support for generating a report on motor development and design.


When you start using this software you need to know that either your system support this program. If any system doesn’t support the requirement then this program would be work but it will not work well. During the installation process, there will be some file missed that can reduce the performance of work.

  • It supports only in window 7,8,10.
  • 2 GB RAM required for this program.
  • Hard disk space allocated up to 2 GB
  • Any processor can be used for this program.

How to Download and Install?

You can download from the given link below and open the file to install. Once, install this program you can enjoy this software.

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