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Audacity is a program that is used to record audio, it is used for an audio editor. It was developed many years ago and it is a popular program used by many developers, also they used it for their project. It is not difficult to use but it is much advance it takes time to edit and create any audio but it is very popular software nowadays.

Audacity Formate:

It has many features like it supports many file formate over the advance can edit the specific area of the audio like you may edit the audio start from 1 minute and you want to edit it from 30 sec you can edit it with the advance feature of audio editing in the audacity.

The extra feature that audacity support is that you may also record with software. This software can support multiple formats for editing and enhancing.

Is it paid?

Audacity is a multi-feature with advance support file formate to edit the audio. The most important thing is that it is a free software used by many users who are working in voice-over. It is free software, every software has a paid version of the software.


It has a very easy to use interface that provides the information to the user very quickly and easily. Its layout is a bit difficult to use for new users because it is best for the professional users.audacity is very easy to download and install for PC and laptop. When a new user starts working on it, he must need to take guidance from the internet about the usage, so he can work on it. Audacity provides you quick and full support for understanding.

Features used:

There are many other software are available today. Most of the feature is paid and some tools which use for audio editing those are free. Like Brave. It is very easy to change and text editor and all other formats as well.

Most of the editor has a built-in function so it is meant to say that software has pre-plan software, that is payable so most of the user wants to rank his tools on google so that people can take your support from you. This software is available for 32 bit and also for a 64-bit operating system.

It supports many sources to get a template from around the world. Its recording rate is very high in HZ, and it has the fast record services.

How to use?

First, you will have to download and stall, after download you will have to create a new project and save the file for start editing.


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