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Free Basic Graphic Program:

Ms paint is a free image formatting setup for computers. Basically it is used to put text on the picture. It doesn’t have much more functionality rather than other image editors. Software as is used as quickly text editor on the image. It is not much famous but is mostly used by a blogger, that wants to add the picture in the blog.

Is the paintwork Off?

Ms paint was developed long years ago. The primary version of ms paint was 1.0. It since was included in the previous version. The most updated comes with the simplest and cool feature of image formatting.because of simplicity and simple interface most of the users like to edit pictures through ms paint.

It invented as an outside image editors setup for the primary time. It is going to update with the passage of time in the window. Now in the latest window 10, it is preinstalled in the window installation.

Is MS Paint is Free of cost?

MS Paint is a free tool used to edit images. It doesn’t have and paid version.the main reason is that if you don’t have paint on your computer it is not easy to install in it, because it is preinstalled on the computer by the window installation.

It is just used as simple publishing there is no functionality od 2D and 3D image editing it just uses to add text and put any design on the picture.

For Mac users, it is advised them to download Paint Brush, it is a user-friendly and light-weight paint program for Mac Operating System. Microsoft Paint may be just as a simple graphics editor. You may save it in the following formate in Windows Bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG, and one-page TIFF formats.

What is the use of MS Paint?

This program is made for two-color actually black and white. It doesn’t support any other color like gray color schema as well. It has simply. A simple drawing tool. That only you can use to draw, on the blank pages, etc.we may also use it for print is the straight forward program that provides the wat of advance feature very easy to use.

In this program menu base some function in right and dome at the top. The top menu provides the guidance also it guides tit to the user as the menu, you are also able to draw the section and delete it. If someone is looking for photography or image editing they should look to another software.


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