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Pak Urdu Installer:

Pak Urdu Installer is a program that utilizes just to the window for the Urdu language. It is. You may edit in your speech it will read in Urdu. This is smaller in size, which used to publish Urdu which developed by webmaster software. The majority of the people today use this application for writing Urdu rather than other all applications like In page.

It’s only utilized in the PC user, the PAK Urdu installation has less size and can work with its innovative feature to know. Amongst all country. When you would like to install PAK Urdu Installer in laptop or PC. Instsller needs to provide you full support for writing Urdu. Pak Urdu Installer supports many features such as you may write Urdu into an email or you may talk to anyone.

How it will work:

When you install this software, You need to restart your PC to run smoothly and keep the feature upgrade, is to display on the side of the button having an” ENG” emblem like. When you would like to write in Urdu you wish to need to click the option it will show when you wish to choose Urdu all the qualities of this pc will change into Urdu two options use Urdu or English.

Urdu font-family:

It’s better to choose Jamil Noori Nastaliq, although peak Urdu Setup supports font families. It’s a one of a kind and well-looking font family. You may turn the computer mood into left right from ht side. When you wish click in the emblem it may show you with left it will change the language you’ll have to use this shortcut key to alter the language.

Where you are able to write Urdu:

You are able to write in which you wish to write you might also write it in MS word 19, Urdu. Any applications, it’s available for all feature. It is free for all. A bit difficult to write Urdu in webpage you most of the users use this software to write Urdu.



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