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Free Video Editor and Converter:

 TVC is an advanced application that can be used to convert any video into any formate, TVC helps the user to create and edit videos for personal use and also for business purpose. It has the more functionality of after finishing the work you can convert it into CD or DVD as well. You can also download your video in any formate like for Facebook, Instagram, or if you want to upload your video on youtube it is the best software for you.

In the trial version, you can not use all the functionality of the program to create and also edit the video, but you can convert the video in any formate as well.

What is the benefit of TVC?

TVC offers many advances and popular feature which is not included in the paid version but it is offering in the free version. It has the functionality of dragging and dropping, you may add any feature in the video using drag and supports many file formate like WMV, MP4, VOB, FLV, and some other as well. Beacuse it makes the user much easier to remove the language barrier. You may convert any language into your own language using any translator. It proves an extension of the tools which help you during the video to start work on it very fast and easy.

Total Video Converter has a much easy and simple interface. A new one and a pro user can also use the feature of TVC for their project. You may also share the file on the platform to get access to the video.

Is Total Video Converter Free?

 It is not free software it also provides a paid version to the user to get more advance and popular functionality for the project which he wants and thinks for the video.

How do I use TVC?

It is an important thing to know how you can use the TCV program. First, if you are going to edit a video you will have to open a new project. Then you can import any video that you want to edit and start working on it. after that, you can put transactions and many other filters on the video.

TVC supports many transactions for the paid version that you can put for the video.

Error and limitation in TVC:

TVC is free from viruses and limits, there is no limit in it for the user, just there are few things that are not available for the trial version. All the popular features for Video Editing are available in the paid versions.


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