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Filmora 9.5.1

Filmora is the most advanced and advances in video editing software. This program helps the user to create a clip and edit any footage. Filmora versions are the most popular update like pro version. It helps the people to put any effect on the videotaped and also make transection in the clip through it. You start formatting telecasting in this program it shall give you the maximum available option that you may use from them. It provides a high-quality clip.

How to use Filmora?

It is an important thing to know how you might use this program and start editors. First, you will have to open the Application. You will create a new project. If you want to edit your video, You will need to import the file of your video. You want to create the video you may choose ant color to style the screen. You can do edit as you want to take the output.

How to Import and Export in Filmore?

When you can start video authoring then you need to import the file you can open the program. You will go to the option of the file in the Topbar menu. Click on the “FIle” option you will see both import and export options. It is a very high-quality video formatting software then needs maximum RAM for the exportation. 


  • Windows 7  (64 bit) Not available for 32 Bit).
  • Windows 8 (64 Bit)
  • Windows 10 (64 Bit)


  • You can use any text and title style in the video if you want to create video animation.
  • Filmora provides you its own library when you can choose any music for your video.
  • You can use filters in your video or movie that will help you to make your video more attractive.
  • You can add any element in your video.
  • Framing is the best solution to make your video perfect you can put the frame in the video.
  • You can control the speed of a specific area.
  • It is easy to import and export.

How to Download and Install?

You can download this program from the given button below. After download opens the file and installs the software.

You can enjoy the program.


Free software has a watermark. You can activate to remove the watermark.


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