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Free Windows Media Player:

KM player is the most advanced window media player that used to play any type of video, like music, movie, and many others like that. It plays the video on different high-resolution player. I can also provide decoding of video formate to the user. like it play the video on 360 angles like 3D and 4K with high-resolution capacity. You can really enjoy the video on it. It has the most prominent feature due to that it is known as that is many file formate supported in the video. It supports like WMV, OGM, 3GP, and some other as well.

In the market, this software has much demand it is used by millions of the user to play the high video gaming on it. Its importance is due to its high resolution capacity. Because most of the players don’t play the video with high quality and full resolution and also they don’t support much other file supported, so that’s why many users recommend this program. It has simplest and easy to use interface due to the reason that many new uses also likes this program due to its functionality. It gives the user freedom to play the video in a high mood. When you will use this program you will also recommend it to the other one due to its functionality.

What are the main features of KMPlayer?

The primary feature of the KM player is to add many of the videos in the playlist to play continuously. If you are expert in KMplayer then you can add it easily, you can also use it in the wide range area, you can set it according to your file and limitation and customization. It also gives them permission to t change the setting for 3D and another file as well.

Most of the advanced features is you can also recording the video and audio with Kmplayer.

KMPlayer giver you the right to take instruction from the player to install it according to the user need because due to its many functionalities you may not install all the feature at a time you need to do its setting at all.when you start recoding it has the feature to put a limitation on it. mean to say you can give time limit when to start and when to stop the video. It also makes shire to compute to off for playing the video.

Due to the reason of high capacity, you can play many movies at a time to get results and to check the function on all the videos so the so can see its work on all of them. It has much friendly interface for new and also for old users. The most important thing is that it has the functionality to play any type of corrupted video on the KMplayer. It looks nice to work on the KMPlayer.

Highly level of function but complex application:

Kmplayer has more function of playing the video, it is much complex for the new user, it is not tough to download and install on the system but it is very tough to work and setting of it. Due to its complexity, it is not the best for new users. Because they don’t understand its functionality due to complex interface. It is the best program for that user who is already worked on it and have great command to set up for interface. Coming to the end you may say that this is the only advanced media play for advanced users of multimedia. There are some other players who are working very cool in the digital market. Like VLC, and some other as well.


  • It supports many formats.
  • It also supports subtitle functionality.
  • It also has the function to download any youtube video
  • It plays the video on high resolution.
  • It can record audio and video of the screen.


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