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Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is the most advanced and used a program that is a client and server-based software. t is used to create a document and read of the document. It was developed several years ago by Microsoft, The owner is Bill Gates. You can use for documentation process to create and generate.
MS’s office support numerous other versions that were design several years ago. With the passage of time every year, they give updated versions.

A feature that Supports MS Office:

  • You may create any document with the office.
  • Many companies want to save their record for the future. They utilized this software excels sheet to save the data.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You might add any pic or formate in your documents.
  • When you want to make any design the feature is also available in it. Which may help you to make your documents perfect?
  • You may change text family and size and many other feature area selection bullets etc.
  • It has a free good interface.

Components of Microsoft Office:

There are many compunents by Ms Office that it support. 

  • Word.
  • PowerPoint. 
  • Excel.
  • OneNote.
  • Outlook.
  • Access.
  • SharePoint.
  • Publisher.

You can use all the components for different purposes. Word can be use to create any readable and editable document. PowerPoint is used to create any slide and make your presentation with this software. So, All the component has its own feature and used. This is the most commonly used software by everyone and also for Organization Because, this software provides them best-used services for their document.

How to Download and Install?

Click on the given button below you will start downloading instantly. After that open the file and click to install.


It is trail base software. You need to activate Microsoft office using the “Key”.



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