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Rufus is the most advance used Bootable application, which is used to create the boot for machines and Mac. It is a small application that only used to make Bootable things such as USB, memory card, pen drive. The most usage of this application is to create bootable for window installing.

Use of Rufus?

It is used to create bootable for machines and Mac, such as when we want to install a window on the computer and laptop we need to the bootable window for install. So we use these tools to make a bootable data file.

How This Application Work?

Rufus only supports ISO lodge, it give ISO file to notable installing for window and Mac. We can make an ISO file bootable.

  • Firstly open the application.
  • Then you will have to attach USB or Pendrive.
  • Formate the external drive.
  • Open file location of ISO from Rufus and select and start make bootable.
  • Finish/Close!

Is it secure?

this application is very simple and safe application which only used for some window , you may not use it for window XP, 

Language Support:


It supports many languages like English, turkey, german, Sweden, and many other language supported.


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