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VLC Media Player:

VLC Media player is the most advance used media player that plays any type of video format. It may work on the bases of complexity. VLC support almost all video type like YouTube, Facebook, ain’t and many other stations as well.

Free media role player is free of cost that in developed by no benefit organization.VLC media role player doesn’t have any paid version because it gives all features free of cost. Many other advanced players that support some other functionality that have paid version.

Feature of VLC Media Player:

This media player developed for all platforms.

You may use it in all window format.

You may add video in the playlist so that the media play run is Instantantely.

This media player keeps your file in one space.

You may release the memory of the video using a compression function.

You can use this media player for editing.


This Media player provides you reliable security that only provided in free od cost. It is easy to use and has a good interface. All media players may corrupt by other virus files. If your file has any virus it will remove the virus and then played your video.

How to use media player?

This media player provides you the functionality that you can change the mood of the video. So, that you can simply add the video in the playlist if you want to play all video continuously without wasting of time.

How to download and Install?

You may download this player using the button below. After download click on the download file and open. You will get directly install in the video.


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